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The Workshop

In March 2021, the CBTDDC launched the Clinical Trials Working Group for CNS Drug Delivery. This group has identified the main challenges in preclinical to clinical translation of paediatric CNS drug delivery devices as:

  • a lack of specific funding for prototype development and/or scale-up for clinical trials; 
  • difficulties in navigating the regulatory landscape; 
  • lack of accurate preclinical models; and 
  • increased need for multicentric working.

On 8-9 November 2021, we hosted a ‘Clinical Trial Readiness for CNS Drug Delivery’ workshop to tackle these challenges, with the ultimate aim of creating a ‘Roadmap’ document for preclinical to clinical translation that we can share widely with the neuro-oncology community.


Programme for the day

See the programme for the Nottingham 2021 Workshop here.


Pump Prime Funding Call

We opened a £40k Pump Prime funding call at the workshop. Delegates were invited to submit bids for projects (up to a maximum of £10k each) that will address challenges along the preclinical to clinical pathway to move trial proposals into an ‘advanced state of readiness’. Find out about the successful projects here.


Summary of workshop

You can read a summary of the workshop here.