Watts, Colin


University of Birmingham, UK

Neurosurgical oncology

I lead the newly established Brain Cancer Program at the University of Birmingham. My research aims to improve the treatment and survival of patients with glioma by understanding the molecular genetic heterogeneity of individual tumours and using that data to develop novel molecular and functional stratification suitable for application in clinical trials. My clinical practice specializes in neurosurgical oncology with a particular interest in intrinsic gliomas and cerebral metastases.

As a practicing neurosurgeon, I have established a dedicated neurosurgical-oncology research clinic to support clinical trials and collaborative translational research. Ongoing clinical research uses fluorescence-guided techniques to optimize cytoreduction, develop surgical biomarkers of high-grade cancer, and enhance post-operative management of glioma patients through accelerated molecular stratification. My translational research interests are to understand the spatial and temporal evolution of tumour heterogeneity and the impact of sampling bias on our understanding of the clonal architecture and phylogeny of treatment-resistant disease. 

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