Collaborative Research Database

The CBTDDC is committed to strengthening collaborations between an international, multi-disciplinary network of clinicians and researchers whose combined expertise will accelerate the development of drug delivery systems that target primarily children’s brain tumours but also other brain diseases.

With this in mind, we invite you to participate in this Collaborative Research Database by filling in your details below. This database is freely accessible from our website, enabling individuals to search for researchers with particular expertise with whom they may wish to collaborate.

Your email address will NOT be shown in the database. Individuals will need to contact us for your email address, and we will then seek your permission before disclosing this information. All of the other information you provide WILL be visible in the database (subject to minimal editing if necessary).

We believe that this database will offer unrivalled opportunities for open dialogue, sharing of resources and collaborative research. But its success will depend on the number of researchers who submit their details for inclusion. We strongly encourage you to help make this a powerful research tool by submitting your details for inclusion. Thank you.

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