Pearl, Monica S

Associate Professor of Radiology

Johns Hopkins University, USA

Division of Interventional Neuroradiology, School of Medicine

Extensive clinical and research expertise with catheter-based intra-arterial therapies for adult and pediatric neurovascular disorders of the brain and spine. 

Neuroradiology background allows for developing complementary neuroimaging platforms to manipulate the blood brain barrier and better define drug distribution. 

PI for two active clinical trials for IA drug delivery (NCT01293539 and NCT01688401) for retinoblastoma and DIPG.

Tumor type: DIPG, Retinoblastoma.

Existing collaborations relevant to drug delivery


Publications relevant to drug delivery

Janowski M, Walczak P, Pearl MS. Predicting and optimizing the territory of blood brain barrier opening by superselective intra-arterial cerebral infusion under dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI guidance. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 36(3): 569-575 (2016). 

Song X, Walczak P, He X, Yang X, Pearl M, Bulte JWM, Pomper MG1, McMahon MT, Janowski M. Salicylic acid analogues as chemical exchange saturation transfer MRI contrast agents for the assessment of brain perfusion territory and blood–brain barrier opening after intra-arterial infusion. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 36(7): 1186-1194 (2016). 

Wyse E, Handa JT, Friedman A, Pearl MS. A review of the literature for intra-arterial chemotherapy used to treat retinoblastoma. Pediatr Radiol. 46(9): 1223-1233 (2016).

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