Marlow, Maria


University of Nottingham, UK

School of Pharmacy

I am a pharmacist with a PhD in drug delivery and over 18 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having worked on many different drug delivery options and formulations including oral, intravenous and inhaled dosage forms. In 2012, I made the transition back to academia.

My research is focused on developing drug delivery systems, in collaboration with clinicians that address an unmet clinical need.

My current research projects focus on using injectable hydrogels, nanoparticles and microneedles to deliver small molecules, DNA, proteins or peptides for the treatment of cancer (skin, ovarian and brain tumours), HIV and pain.

Existing collaborations relevant to drug delivery

Ruman Rahman (Nottingham) - Sprayable hydrogels for local delivery (post-surgery)

Ruman Rahman and Stuart Smith (Nottingham) - Long acting nanocomposite materials for intrathecal delivery      

Marianne Ashford (AstraZeneca) - Hydrogel Formulations for Intraperitoneal Delivery for Ovarian Cancer 

Professor Maria Alonso (University of Santiago de Compostella, Spain) - Formulations for Intraperitoneal Delivery for Ovarian Cancer     

Tracey Bradshaw (Nottingham) – Benzothiazoles

Lindy Durrant (Nottingham) - Cancer vaccines.


Grants: EPSRC, BBSRC and The Stoneygate Trust.

Publications relevant to drug delivery

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