Green, Adam

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Children's Hospital Colorado, USA

Pediatric high-grade glioma

One of my areas of investigation is systemic chemotherapy penetration to pediatric glioblastoma and DIPG in patient-derived xenograft models and clinical trials.

Existing collaborations relevant to drug delivery

We have a model of convection-enhanced delivery (CED) of chemotherapy in a mouse PDX DIPG model and collaborate with two investigators in our School of Pharmacology, Mike Wempe and Julie Reisz, on testing chemotherapy pharmacokinetics in this model.

We have developed a model of focused ultrasound/microbubbles in our mouse PDX DIPG model in collaboration with Mark Borden, an investigator at CU-Boulder.

Publications relevant to drug delivery

Green AL, Flannery P, Hankinson TC, et al. Preclinical and clinical investigation of intratumoral chemotherapy pharmacokinetics in DIPG using gemcitabine. Neuro-Onc Adv 2(1):vdaa021, February 2020.
This is the first study to document penetration of systemic chemotherapy to DIPG in patients and also performed key parallel studies in a DIPG PDX model.

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