International Brain Tumour Awareness Week

Saturday, 26th October to Saturday, 2nd November 2019



Stepping into paediatric oncology

We are working in the field of metals in medicine, designing new treatments and ways of delivering these treatments with control, using physical activation methods  like light and ultrasound.

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Optimistic future for brain research 

Young scientists from varying fields of research (physics, electronic engineering, machine learning) are motivated and incentivised to apply their expertise to childhood brain cancers.

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Precision medicine for CNS disorders 

We have an opportunity to take advantage of advances in imaging technologies, including acquisition speed, detection sensitivity and multimodality platforms, to improve outcomes for patients with CNS disorders.


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DIPG clinical trial

I met a little girl, Daisy Brooks, who was undergoing experimental therapy using CED.  I realised then that we would do everything we could to support the clinicians and researchers trying to find a treatment for this horrific brain tumour.

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Tackling the unmet needs

I am a molecular and cellular biologist by training and I have been working for more than 20 years in drug discovery and development. But I am also a parent that one day heard the most terrifying words that any parent may hear. 

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Getting treatments to the tumour site

Whilst many initiatives have tried to identify more effective drug treatments for brain tumours, the track record of their translation to licensed products has been extremely disappointing. I am delighted to say that I believe the tide is now turning.

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