About us


The inability of anti-cancer drugs to achieve effective concentrations, at non-toxic doses, in the brain tumour because of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) has been an important aspect of failed therapies in the past.

To date there have been a number of reports from different groups across Europe and the US concerned with the challenge of drug delivery to childhood brains as part of their cancer care.

Our focus 

Bypassing the BBB physically through the use of novel drug delivery systems is the focus of this research consortium.


What we aim to do

We need to work together.

We need to share our knowledge and expertise to accelerate the development and translation of effective drug delivery techniques into clinical practice.

This is the first time that there has ever been global coordination of a paediatric brain tumour drug delivery consortium, offering unrivalled opportunities for open dialogue and sharing of resources.

We need engagement in our activities from colleagues in academia, industry, public and patient groups, charities, and funding and regulatory bodies.


Why launch a research consortium?

  • There is limited international awareness of the challenge of drug delivery in childhood brain tumours
  • Drug delivery strategies which seek to bypass the BBB are showing promise in several tumour types
  • There is a need to explore the suitability of new and existing molecules for incorporation into drug delivery systems
  • Successful development of drug delivery systems needs collaborative approaches between multiple stakeholders
  • A consortium would provide a strong voice that could reduce the gaps between science and clinical priorities.

The consortium was born from a strong need for sharing knowledge and expertise within the area of childhood brain tumour drug delivery, in order to make significant headway in this challenging area. As such, it is vital that we engage with all interested stakeholders.


Our activities

  • Raising awareness of the priority for new drug delivery systems with a range of stakeholders
  • Initiating and strengthening collaborative research networks, sharing expertise in drug delivery system development and translation
  • Working closely with patient and carer charities and not-for-profits to ensure the priorities and perspectives of patients are strongly represented
  • Producing systematic literature reviews on:
    • predictive potential of biological modelling systems for drug delivery techniques
    • drug suitability for application or repurposing in a paediatric brain tumour setting
    • drug delivery systems in development that are applicable to the treatment of brain tumours.



NAILOR,A, Walker DW et al, 2016. Highlights of Children with Cancer UK’s Workshop on Drug Delivery in Paediatric Brain Tumours eCancer. 10, 630.


Our mission statements

    • The Consortium will initiate and support discussions of an international, multi-disciplinary network of clinicians and researchers committed to developing drug delivery systems applicable to children with brain tumours.

    • Through raising awareness and sharing expertise, the Consortium will be uniquely placed to strengthen collaborative developments to ensure that drug delivery gets the recognition and support it needs from funders, industry and regulators.

  • The Consortium will work closely and collaboratively with patient and carer charities and not-for-profits to ensure that patient priorities and perspectives are appropriately reflected.