Animation depicting intra-arterial transplantation of glial progenitor cells to regenerate brain damage following radiation therapy for brain tumours. Provided by Dr Piotr Walczak from the Johns Hopkins Medicine Department of Radiology and Radiological Science.

Dr Ruman Rahman of the CBTRC talked about a study he led which found that a polymer originally designed to help mend broken bones could be successful in delivering chemotherapy drugs directly to the brains of patients suffering from brain tumours. (Read press release.)

Video reproduced by kind permission of the BBC East Midlands Today.


Professor David Walker of the CBTRC talks about Intrathecal Chemotherapy which is a way to give chemotherapy directly into the CSF via a port. Professor Walker explains how they are currently using this method of treatment on brain tumour patients and how they are collecting research along the way. We also hear from patients Peter and Alex who are currently receiving Intrathecal Chemotherapy.