Sandberg, David

Principal Investigator

Health Science Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, USA

McGovern Medical School

For over a decade, I have studied local drug delivery into the fourth ventricle of the brain to treat recurrent, malignant posterior fossa tumors in children. I first studied safety and pharmacokinetics in piglets and then non-human primates. These experiments led to a promising pilot trial in humans, and we currently have several open clinical trials for children with recurrent malignant brain tumors originating in the fourth ventricle.

Existing collaborations relevant to drug delivery


Publications relevant to drug delivery

Sandberg DI, Kerr ML. “Ventricular Access Device Placement in the Fourth Ventricle to Treat Malignant Fourth Ventricle Brain Tumors: Technical Note.” Child’s Nerv Syst. 32 (4): 703-707, 2016.

Sandberg DI, Rytting M, Zaky W, Kerr M, Ketonen L, Kundu U, Moore BD, Yang G, Hou P, Sitton C, Cooper LJ, Gopalakrishnan V, Lee DA, Thall PF, Khatua S. “Methotrexate Administration Directly into the Fourth Ventricle in Children with Malignant Fourth Ventricle Brain Tumors: A Pilot Clinical Trial.” J Neurooncol, 125(1): 133-141, 2015.

Sandberg DI, Peet MM, Johnson MD, Cole P, Koru-Sengul T, Luqman AW. "Chemotherapy administration directly into the fourth ventricle in a nonhuman primate model." J Neurosurg Pediatrics 9: 530-541, 2012.

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