Marlow, Maria


University of Nottingham, UK

School of Pharmacy

I am a pharmacist with a PhD in drug delivery and over 18 years’ experience in drug delivery in industry. I have worked on many different drug delivery options and formulations including oral, intravenous and inhaled dosage forms. In 2012, I made the transition back to academia and now work on self-assembling molecules for localised drug delivery including intra-tumoural drug delivery, basal cell carcinoma and cancer cell adhesion. 

Existing collaborations relevant to drug delivery

Ruman Rahman - Sprayable hydrogels for local delivery (post-surgery)

Ruman Rahman and Stewart Smith - Long acting nanocomposite materials for intrathecal delivery      

Marianne Ashford (AstraZeneca) - Hydrogel Formulations for Intraperitoneal Delivery for Ovarian Cancer 

Professor Maria Alonso (University of Santiago de Compostella, Spain) - Formulations for Intraperitoneal Delivery for Ovarian Cancer     

Tracey Bradshaw – Benzothiazoles. 

Publications relevant to drug delivery

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