Al-Jamal, Khuloud

King's College, London, UK

Drug Delivery & Nanomedicine

I am the chair of Drug Delivery & Nanomedicine in the School of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Sciences at King’s College London. I lead a research team focusing on the design and development of novel nanoscale delivery systems specifically for drug, gene, vaccine and radionuclide delivery for therapeutic or diagnostic applications, particularly in the field of cancer studies and brain drug delivery.

Existing collaborations relevant to drug delivery

Prof. A. Bianco, CNRS, France and Prof. M. Prato, University of Trieste, Italy (Chemical functionalisation of carbon nanotubes)

Dr G. Tobias, ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain (Carbon nanotube growth and filling)

Dr Jane Sosabowski, Queen Mary's School of Medicine and Dentistry, UK

Prof. NJ Abbott and Dr J Preston, KCL (Blood Brain Barrier)

Dr Belén Ballesteros, The Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology, Barcelona (advanced electron microscopy)

Dr Rafael Torres Martin De Rosales, Cancer Imaging, KCL.

Publications relevant to drug delivery

P M Costa, JT-W Wang, J-F Morfin, T Khanum, W To, JK Sosabowski, E Tóth, KT Al-Jamal. (2018) Functionalised carbon nanotubes enhance brain delivery of amyloid-targeting Pittsburgh Compound B (PiB)-derived ligands. Nanotheranostics. 2(2):168-183.

PM Costa, M Bourgognon, JT-W Wang, KT Al-Jamal KT. (2016) Functionalised carbon nanotubes: From intracellular uptake and cell-related toxicity to systemic brain delivery. Journal of Controlled Release. 241:200-219

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JT-W Wang, N Rubio, H Kafa, E Venturelli, C Fabbro, C Ménard-Moyon, T Da Ros, JK Sosabowski, M Prato, A Bianco, F Festy, JE Preston, K Kostarelos and KT Al-Jamal. (2016) Kinetics of functionalised carbon nanotube distribution in mouse brain after systemic injection: Spatial to ultra-structural analyses. Journal of Controlled Release. 224:22-32.

JT-W Wang and KT Al-Jamal. (2015) Functionalized carbon nanotubes: revolution in brain delivery. Nanomedicine (Lond). 10(17):2639-2642.

H Kafa, JT-W Wang, N Rubio, K Venner, G Anderson, E Pach, B Ballesteros, JE Preston, NJ Abbott, KT Al-Jamal. (2015) The interaction of carbon nanotubes with an in vitro blood-brain barrier model and mouse brain in vivo. Biomaterials. 53:437-452.

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