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The people involved 

We are working under the leadership of Professor David Walker at the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre, University of Nottingham.

A core Steering Group of 17 members has been involved in turning the idea of the Consortium into reality. We are now keen to connect with other interested parties and encourage you to register and get involved. We will also regularly review core Steering Group membership to ensure that all areas of appropriate expertise are covered.

Core Steering Group
 Steering Group Members Institution
 David Walker, Chair  The University of Nottingham, UK
 Ruman Rahman, Deputy Chair  The University of Nottingham, UK
 Richard Grundy  The University of Nottingham, UK
 Henry Brem  Johns Hopkins University, US
 Monica Pearl  Johns Hopkins University, US
 Jordan Green  Johns Hopkins University, US
 Miroslaw Janowski  Johns Hopkins University, US
 Kenneth Cohen  Johns Hopkins University, US
 Piotr Walczak  Johns Hopkins University, US
 Katherine Warren  National Cancer Institute, US
 Stephen Lowis  Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, UK
 Alexander Mullen  University of Strathclyde, UK
 Marie Boyd  University of Strathclyde, UK
 Gareth Veal  Newcastle University, UK
 Darren Hargrave  UCL Institute of Child Health, UK
 Dannis van Vuurden  VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam
 Steven Powell  Fast Track Pharma Limited, and Macrophage Pharma Limited, UK


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